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July 6, 2012

Modified Education Students Cause Bullying

It is known that students who are in modified education can be targeted for bullying; however, they can also participate in the act as well.  This report was conducted on 800+ students ages 9-16.  It will be published in the Journal of School Psychology.

“These results paint a fairly bleak picture for students with disabilities in terms of bullying, victimization and disciplinary actions,” wrote Susan Swearer, a professor of school psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln who led the study.

Children with hearing, language, or speech challenges showed the greatest amount of participation in bullying.  Kids with learning challenges showed fewer examples of bullying.  Children with challenges also remained a focus of bullying at any grade level.

This report is just one of the many in recent years that examined children in modified education and bullying.  A report completed in 2011 centered on children and physical health care needs.  Results demonstrated that children with these types of needs felt unsafe at school.

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