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May 25, 2012

Man Connected With Family after 61 Years

Jerry Wooliver was just a child when he was abducted from his family after 61 years.  He was from Auburn, Washington and was connected with his family in the social work organization where he is employed.  Wooliver was sent away from his mother and siblings and placed in a mental facility because of his physical challenge.
Karen Newman expressed overwhelming joy as she walked into the Total Living Concept office (TLC) and hugged him tightly.  In total, three sisters two nephews, and a niece came to meet him.  His friends were also present along with his personal assistants.
Jerry’s mom had a hard time putting food on the table after her first husband left and her second husband was incarcerated for false check writing.  In the documents, the state filed to obtain custody of him, Washington representatives stated living arrangements weren’t suitable.  They also claimed that he was mentally challenged due to a birth condition.
Before Wooliver found his family, he felt like a lost soul and wanted to commit suicide.  Today, he has a home and on the wall are family photographs.  One photograph Jerry has is his mom holding him looking into the future with a hesitant stare.

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