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May 21, 2012

Wrongful Birth Suits Look to End

Many support systems want to end the practice of wrongful birth suits.  Legislators cross country are wanting to end this practice from Down Syndrome to Tay-Sachs.  First notifications to initiate this process came when a couple from Oregon sued and won $ 3 million. 

Critics of the bill argue that support systems shouldn’t be able to bring a case to court under the presumption that a child’s life with a physical/mental challenge shouldn’t be compromised under the rights of other children.  Support systems argue that the major concern is the child’s well-being.  They also state the bill could allow the doctors to not show information to the support systems without facing any consequences.

 “There is no quality of life,"  stated Sharon and Steven Hoffman. "The only thing that you would be bringing this child into the world to do is to suffer. And die."

This above statement is taken from Sharon and Steven Hoffman.  At six months their son Jake was diagnosed with a genetic disease.  This disease is usually life-threatening by age four or five.


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