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May 22, 2012

Man With Aspberger's Gives Free Hugs

Chris Webster is allowing giving out free hugs to strangers as a way to come to terms with Asperger’s Syndrome.  Every Saturday since 2006 Webster has appeared downtown San Antonito with a sign that is inscribed “free hugs.”  People from all different ethnic backgrounds have decided to accept his hugs. 

Webster gives out approximately 22 hugs.  In addition to making others happy, he states it also helps him with his bipolar disorder.  He was once classified as reserved but now is enrolled in college.  Webster states it was breaking away from his comfort area.

“It's just a little kindness — everybody needs a hug,” said Wallace, who had surprised her husband, Michael, with a trip from Midland to San Antonio for his birthday. “He looked like a happy kind of guy.”

Webster also goes by the alias Jojo and Jose.  He started his quest by using the Australian nickname Juan Mann.  A friend stated gave Webster the idea to give out the hugs and even though the friend no longer participates in the giving of free hugs, Webster still chooses to distribute hugs. 

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