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May 30, 2012

States Try to Improve Community Living

A proposal worth multi-billion dollars has failed to move senior citizens and people with physical/mental challenges from mental institutions into community-living services.  Many states have fallen behind in their efforts to gather supports for low-income housing and other programs.  This downfall began in 2007 during the George W. Bush years.
States wanted to place over 35,000+ people in community-living circumstances.   Currently, as of March 31, 22,000+ are on Medicaid.  This is 36% below the initial desire.   

In California, only 827 people have made the transition from mental facilities to community-living.  This is despite the fact that the state was granted $41 million.  Some states found it especially hard to move senior citizens.
“We’re not doing a good job of it here,” said Deborah Doctor, legislative advocate for Disability Rights California. “It’s pathetic.”

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