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May 18, 2012

Transport Hurdles Major Problem

A report done by Cornell University showed an approximate 12.8% of people had some concern regarding transport.  People who have physical limitations cited a problem 6.9% of the time.  This might seem like a small percentage but it’s still a major portion of people.
One of the major problems regarding transport is financing.  A source that fits in a person’s budget is essential to finding reliable employment.  Non-emergency transport can be an option depending on the area which you reside.
Another big problem without transportation could mean that a person with a physical/mental challenge has to rely on a support system to reside.  This can cause stressors for the person who is physically/mentally challenged emotionally, socially, and physiologically.
This is why advocacy topics for people with mental/physical challenges are crucial.  It is important for people with physical/mental challenges to know their limits in order to advocate effectively.  Remember to work together with a physically/mentally challenged person to advocate properly for transport barrier solutions.

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