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September 21, 2011

Accessibility Committment of Apple

The Apple Company is moving toward making their smartphones and tablet phones easier to use for people who can’t manipulate the touch screen.  The company is looking for a patent for a device that would replace the touch screen.  This would be helpful for people with dexterity limitations.

Recently, Apple’s text-to-speech applications have been popular with people who have physical/mental challenges.  Some people use this application as a way to replace expensive assistive technology.    The company is looking to manage the touchscreen problem by using a joystick to control buttons or blowing into a straw.

Apple has many features on their phones that assist with accessibility.  For people with learning challenges, phones come with a trouble-free interface.  There are Sticky Keys, Slow Keys, and Mouse Keys to acclimate to the owner’s needs.

For people who are sight impaired, Apple offers Braille mirroring.  This allows people who are sight and hearing impaired to communicate on the same screen.  There’s captioning of movies, and the first screen reader that can operate using movements.

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