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September 29, 2011

FDA Concerns Over Anti-Psychotic Drugs and Children

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided by a margin of 16 to 1 to continue observing the safety of anti-psychotic drugs such as Abilify in children.  Statistics indicate a rise of 65% of prescribing the drugs among teens in 2002-2009.  From fall 2009 until 2011, 1.9 million prescriptions were given for children 18 and under.

The FDA will be focusing on how to simplify their labels.  They will also showcase their worries of the effects of the drugs on children.  The FDA will primarily focus in two areas: weight gain and diabetes.

New labels on the drugs will highlight the drug’s most recent testing.  They will caution about metabolism problems.  The labels will also tell doctors to watch for weight gain and signs of diabetes.

The new wave of anti-psychotic drugs among children has been known to cause alarm for support systems.  They are continuously being given to young children.  There isn’t much data proving that the drugs help, as well as inconclusive evidence showing the effects among children.

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