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September 26, 2011

LA and Special Olympics

Los Angeles, California will be home to the summer Special Olympic Games in 2015.  In a process that lasted a year, LA won the bid from South Africa.  Special Olympics representatives mention good community support and connections to people in the sports world as reasons for their decision.

“In a city full of movie stars and all-stars, our Special Olympics athletes will be the stars of this show as they demonstrate their skills, courage and joy,” said Patrick McClenahan, chair of the Los Angeles bid committee. “Los Angeles will provide the world stage necessary to create the awareness that leads to increased acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities throughout southern California, the nation and the world.”

The Special Olympics alternate every two years between summer and winter in locations worldwide.  The winter games will be held in South Korea in 2013.  This summer’s games were held in Athens, Greece.

This is the first time in six years the games have come to the US. LA was home to the summer games in 1972.  The last time the games were in the states was in Idaho in 2009.

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