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September 28, 2011

Victory for Autism Act

The Autism Act will at last be in the care of the President.  This act is the US’ main source for autism funding.  Republicans put a hold on it previously.

Even though the Act had momentum from both parties, the hold was still issued.  Republicans stated that Congress shouldn’t set aside research money for favoritism of one condition which was the reasoning behind the hold.  The agreement comes after many days of indecision.

The Act allows for $231 million in funding.  The money will be spent over the upcoming three years.  The Act will highlight areas such as training, education and early detection for autism.

“This reauthorization had been blocked by a few Republicans for more than two weeks, causing families coping with autism in New Jersey and across our nation unnecessary anxiety over the fate of the research programs and support services they have come to rely upon,” Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez said. “Last night’s actions will provide families the security in knowing these programs will continue for another three years.”

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