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September 15, 2011

Life Difficult After High School

55% of people with physical/mental challenges receive post-secondary education.  36% live alone or with a spouse or roommate after high school.  This data comes from the National Center for Special Education Research.

45% of people with physical/mental challenges also said they had a job after high school.  The compensation was extremely low.  Job placement was calculated depending on the extent of a person’s physical/mental challenge.

The results come from information gathered over a ten year span.  11,000 students took part in the report ages 13-16 who were receiving special education services in Dec. 2000.  The Center is an affiliate of the Department of Education Institute of Sciences.

Success also differed on the type of physical/mental challenge a person obtained.  There were great differences in the numbers of as far as those with physical/mental challenges as opposed to those who were able-bodied.  Students with a visual challenge or hearing challenge attended post-secondary education more often than those with a mental challenge.

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