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September 9, 2011

Accessible Housing Tough Market

Realtors say not only is an accessible house hard to find, it can also be difficult to sell.  Few principals bring the buyers and sellers together.  This trend is even occurring while a growing number of people obtain physical challenges due to growing older.

One company wants to change that.  Barrierfreehome.com was created by Holly Smith after her father’s wheelchair accessible home had trouble selling.  The company aims to find housing for those with physical challenges.

However, the company is having challenges of their own.  They put on the market approximately 60 houses selling only half.  This is most often due to the home not being accessible enough.
“Many times when I have the listing, I don’t have the client,” Jackie Simon, a realtor, stated. “And when I have the client, I don’t have the listing.”

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