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October 12, 2011

African-American Students Suspended Frequently

During the 2007-2008 academic years, 17% of African-Americans with physical/mental challenges were suspended.  This is in comparison to 7% of Caucasian students with physical/mental challenges.  Overall, African-American students with physical/mental challenges are twice as likely to receive suspensions as their Caucasian classmates.

“The application of discipline is unfair and unequal in this country,” said Dan Losen, who authored the report, which is based on disciplinary data collected by the states and the federal government. “Kicking out students for minor offenses has no academic justification. Yet, students and especially minority students are removed for small infractions every day, causing them to suffer academically.”

The figures are taken from a report completed at the National Education Policy Center from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  It indicates that children with physical/mental challenges and minority students receive a large amount of suspensions.  This also causes them to be twice as affected emotionally.

The suspension trend is also similar with Caucasians and African-Americans who are able-bodied.  In 1972-2007, suspensions rose 2% for Caucasian students.  A t the same time, suspensions for African-Americans rose 9%.

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