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October 25, 2011

“Quiet Campus” on MTVU

MTV is highlighting students who are hearing impaired.  The show will debut on MTV’s university channel.  It will be called “Quiet Campus.”

“Entertainment has a powerful way of exposing viewers to new realities, breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions along the way,” said Paul Ricci, senior vice president of programming and head of development for mtvU. “‘Quiet Campus’ shines a spotlight on the hopes and dreams of these truly amazing young people as they experience the ups and downs of college life, and we believe that it will forever change the way our audience understands what it means to be deaf.”

The show will document four students who are hearing impaired at Gallaudet University.  The University is a four year school.  It’s located in Washington, DC.

“Quiet Campus” will document a wide range of topics among the students.  These topics include: classroom life and athletic events.  The show will debut October 24 on MTVU.

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