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October 3, 2011

Modified Education Teachers Decrease

There is a serious decrease in PHD’s who train modified education teachers.  This could be problematic as the demand for modified education continues teachers to grow.  This dilemma could also have a negative effect on students who need their education modified.

“We were surprised by many of our findings,” said Deborah Deutsch Smith, a professor of special education at Claremont Graduate University who led the research. “We hope this study will inform the nation’s policymakers and the special education community of actions that need to be taken to avoid an impending faculty shortage of overwhelming magnitude.”

Colleges aren’t graduating enough doctoral students in the modified education field.  Students who are physically/mentally may not receive the services they need because of this problem.  These results were shown in a report that was organized by the US Office of Special Education.

The decrease of PHD trainee teachers in the modified education field is suspected to be so major that colleges would have to triple the doctoral students they choose to pass within the next five years.  Because of these facts, the job stability and employment in the modified education field is excellent.  The Office of Education stated needs to be taken to identify the problem.

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