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October 28, 2011

"Lives Worth Living" Documents Rights

 “Lives Worth Living” is a historical documentary of the physically/mentally challenged movement in the US.    The documentary highlights how through legal battles and protests, people with physical/mental challenges overcame various barriers.  These barriers included denial of access to schools and public transportation.

The documentary also tells the story of Fred Fay.  Fay was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury.  He was an activist for many years for physically/mentally challenged rights, and he passed away in August.  The documentary is in his memory.

At the conclusion of “Lives Worth Living”, the documentary showcased the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act.   (ADA).  The ADA has been known as one of the most influential documents in civil rights legislation.  The thousands of people that united to make it a law showed that with determination anything is possible as seen in the film.

As one reviewer of “Lives Worth Living” states, “It’s not about rights and access anymore.  It’s about opportunity and support.  People with physical/mental challenges have been farmed out of the systems as communities stay in the dark. “This documentary hopes to change that perspective.   “Lives Worth Living” airs at various days and times on PBS.

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