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October 6, 2011

Autism Act Finally Approved

President Barack Obama signed a new agreement reinstating the Autism Act.  The new agreement will allow for $231 million in funding until 2014.  The agreement will cover areas specific to autism training, early detection, and research of the condition.

 It’s very exciting that autism research will be able to continue without interruption,” said Peter Bell, executive vice president at Autism Speaks, which lobbied heavily for the bill. “This is a significant relief within the research community.”

The new agreement is practically the same plan made in 2006.  Both parties showed much encouragement for the Act, but Republicans placed a hold on it briefly.  Some activists in the autism community state that the new agreement doesn’t do enough for people with the condition.

Other activists in the autism community state the signing was appropriate given the way matters are politically currently.  If an agreement wasn’t made, the Act would terminate.  This would mean an uncertain future for autism research and its programs.

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