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October 27, 2011

Bloomberg Comments on NYC Taxis

Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg stated that accommodating all taxis to be accessible in the city would be problematic.  The taxis are pricy and bumpy, and there’s lots of space between passenger and driver.  His remarks were stated in a recent interview.

“The suspension is a lot worse and it’s harder to get up to pay the cab driver and get in and out and that sort of thing,” Bloomberg said. “Fewer people may use cabs because the suspension is worse. I think you’re going to see (law)suits about people getting up trying to get across the divide — there’s so much more space between the backseat and the divider. I think you’re going to see people getting hurt.”

 His remarks come in regards to the city being sued over accessible taxis.  There are only 232 accessible cabs presently.  In the early part of the year, activists were responsible for the lawsuit.

Bloomberg also states that accessible taxis aren’t what people in wheelchairs want or need.  He feels they are dangerous and uncomfortable.  Bloomberg fears the result would be less people using taxis.

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