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October 14, 2011

Relaxed Testing Concern Activists

Republican Senators created a bill last September that stated students with serious mental challenges could take special achievement tests.  The students would also have special academic regulations.  The bill doesn’t give a number as to how many students can be eligible for the exam.

These tests concern activists.  They say that allowing a large number of students to take the test could be harmful to a student’s academic performance.  Several physically/mentally challenged organizations wrote a letter to the Senators asking them to reconsider the current No Child Left Behind Law.  Under present guidelines, a small number of students are eligible for testing.

“If large numbers or possibly all students with disabilities are given alternate or modified assessments, we will effectively — and under the proposed language — legally create a separate education system for students with disabilities,” the disability groups, including The Arc, Easter Seals and the Council for Exceptional Children, wrote in a joint letter.

Some activists state that the No Child Left Behind Law isn’t practical because students in modified education have various mental challenges.  It is uncertain this bill will gain much attention in Congress.  Other bipartisan bills are expected to receive precedence.

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