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February 28, 2012

Agency to Exclude Diploma

A high school diploma is usually a regular job standard for employees.  However, one organization wants employers to exclude high school diploma requirements for people with physical/mental challenges.  This is the viewpoint of the Equal Opportunities Employment Commission.  (EEOC)

EEOC representatives state it’s within the law for employers to ask to see a high school diploma.  In the case of people of people with physical/mental challenges they state that companies should have to evaluate deeper if the prospective employee couldn’t graduate high school because of that challenge. They also stated employers should offer other solutions to show that the candidate with a physical/mental mental challenge can handle the job rather than just a high school diploma.

“This may include considering work experience in the same or similar jobs, or allowing (an applicant) to demonstrate performance of the job’s essential functions,” the agency said.

These statements from the agency came from a question and answer session.  EEOC’s primary function is to help employers hire people with physical/mental challenges within the law.  Recommendations for hiring a person with a physical/mental challenge based on acquiring a high school diploma originate from the Americans with Disabilities Act according to the EEOC.

Graduation differences: http://www.disabilityscoop.com/2012/02/21/eeoc-diploma-disabilities/15029/

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