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February 17, 2012

Asperger’s Examined as an Excuse

NBC’s TV show “Parenthood” documents a couple who has a son with Asperger’s syndrome, and in a recent episode he tries to use his Asperger’s as an excuse.  The boy, Max, tells his parents he can’t play in gym class because of his condition.  His parents are shocked.

“You know what, I can’t play because I have a disability,” Max said. “It’s the easiest solution.”

Dr. Tony Attwood who studies Asperger’s syndrome extensively states there are advantages to having the condition.  A person with Asperger’s may have an overwhelming desire to gain information.  They also may exhibit a high sense of creativeness.

A person with Asperger’s may also be very honest and blunt according to Dr. Attwood.  They are extremely devout friends.  They also have a unique humor.

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