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February 14, 2012

White House Reps Plan Movement

President Barack Obama’s administration wants to address the topic of physically/mentally challenged matters in spring 2012.  They plan to travel cross country to discuss these topics.  These conferences are regional and will take place in nine cities.

Some of the cities scheduled to take place in these conferences include: Boston, Minneapolis, and Denver.  They will start the middle of March.  Some might also occur in the summer.

“I think it’s about showing what they’ve accomplished and letting folks at the regional level know where they can go for resources,” said Chris Thomson, vice president of corporate affairs and general counsel at United Cerebral Palsy.  “It’s a little unclear, but I definitely think it’s an opportunity for people to express their concerns.”

In a conference call, White House representatives outlined a starting agenda.  Details on who will host the conferences and events taking place weren’t given to activists.  White House representatives had no remarks on the conferences.

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