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February 16, 2012

Documentary to Highlight Woman’s Challenges

“Raising Renee” will air on HBO and highlight a woman who provides personal assistance for her sister who is mentally challenged.  The film centers on a promise the woman made to her mom.  This documentary details the triumphs and hardships the sisters face together. 

Beverley McIver was an accomplished painter and well-known in the art community.  When her mom passed away, she promised she would be Renee’s personal assistant.  Beverley didn’t want to move from her residence from Arizona to North Carolina after experiencing segregation and discrimination because she was African-American, but reluctantly made the move to obtain better services for Renee.

“Raising Renee” will debut February 22 on HBO2 at 8 p.m. EST.  This will be the first time Renee will try to live self-sufficiently without extensive assistance.  She is middle-aged and has a third-grader cognitive level.

This documentary isn’t the first to focus on people with mental challenges on HBO.  “Monica & David” focused on a couple with Down’s syndrome.  There has also been a film centering on an individual with autism.

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