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February 9, 2012

Girl May Receive Transplant?

A transplant may be on the horizon for a New Jersey family.  Their young daughter was told she couldn’t have one because of her mental challenge.  Hospital representatives may be rethinking their choice.

Amelia Rivera is a three year old girl.  Her mental challenge causes her to have learning differences.    She also has seizures and unique facial features.

Last month, Chrissy Rivera (Amelia Rivera’s mother), wrote on her website that a Philadelphia hospital denied her a transplant.  This was supposedly because the hospital considered her “mentally retarded”.  Chrissy started an online petition that gained 37,000+ signatures.
The backlash and controversy regarding this decision caused the hospital to take action.  Hospital representatives invited the Riveras to re-discuss Amelia’s transplant.  Chrissy states she sees this as a positive sign.

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