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February 24, 2012

Study Finds Adults Inactive

A large portion of adults with physical/mental challenges are inactive.  This fact is supported by siblings of approximately 800+ people with physical/mental challenges.  Approximately 13% of siblings stated that their brother or sister didn’t participate in any job-related or educational tasks.

Adults with physical/mental challenges who were inactive were more likely to have parents/guardians who couldn’t provide sufficient care for them.  These adults also were three times as likely not to receive proper services.  This number has showed to be lower for adults with physical/mental challenges employed or in school.

“The lack of any vocational or educational activity may itself constitute a marker for those adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are most in need of intervention and formal supports,” wrote lead author Julie Lounds Taylor of Vanderbilt University and her colleagues in the study. “Ultimately, if we are going to help adults with disabilities (and their loved ones) live more fulfilling lives, we need to work harder to understand the characteristics and effects that occur when adults with disabilities are doing nothing.”

Adults who are inactive with physical/mental challenges had several behavioral, emotional, and health challenges.  Their cognitive ability was also quite low.  These findings can be found in the American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

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