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June 14, 2012

Apple Products to Change Content

Products such as the iPhone and ipad will soon be getting a makeover to accommodate people with physical/mental challenges.  This information is according to the company’s representatives.  They are also focusing on making these products more marketable. 
A new feature called “Guided Access” is especially convenient for people with mental challenges.  This feature gives support systems rights to limit access on the phone to one certain application.  They can achieve this by blocking the home button and limiting areas of the touch screen to not respond to certain demands.
“We’ve been surprised by the number of children with autism who’ve been flocking to our devices, especially our iPads, and we want to make that experience even better,” said Scott Forstall, the Apple executive responsible for the new software, in announcing Guided Access. “It allows children with autism to learn independently on their iPad.”
Some of the crucial areas highlighted for changes include changes to the actual phone, email, and website pages.  Changes are hoped to be made by fall 2012.  This download is at no cost. 

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