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June 19, 2012

Illinois Information and Stats

Even though Illinois ranks at the bottom for services for people with physical/mental challenges, there are still several programs that can benefit people in the area.  Approximately 1,516,000 people are diagnosed with a physical/mental challenge in the state.  413,000 are presently not employed.

An organization called the Illinois Assistive Technology Program is centered on such areas such as education and community-living.  This organization prides itself on helping people with physical/mental challenges succeed in every area of life.

United Cerebral Palsy Foundation (UCP) helps people with Cerebral Palsy open doors to become more self-reliant.  They can help this population gain a stronger voice by providing them with assistive technology.  They were formed in 1951.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Illinois is dedicated to spreading awareness about seizure-related conditions.    Through research and activism, staff there hopes to find a cure.  They also want to insure people with the condition lead regular lives.

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