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June 17, 2012

Debate over Phone for Non-Verbal

An ipad created to make it people with speech impairments to communicate is the focus of a lawsuit.  The application “Speak for Yourself” is available at retail stores and has a mission of serving as an advanced communication device for this population. Two companies say that the app is against a number of copyright violations they possess.

Dana Neider says the company’s claims are unfair because that is the only communication device in which her daughter and who is currently four and non-verbal has successfully shown progress.  Neider express herself on a website and was understandably outraged.  She states that pulling the app would be a direct target against her daughter’s communication avenues.

“The fact that my daughter’s ability to speak is becoming a casualty of a patent battle between two businesses is beyond my comprehension,” Nieder wrote on her blog after learning that Speak for Yourself was pulled from the App Store. “PRC’s decision to fight for the removal of this app from the iTunes store isn’t just an aggressive move against Speak for Yourself, it’s an attack on my child, the other children using this app and the children who are ready to begin using this app but now cannot.”

These companies’ innovators are not backing down.  They claim the accusations are “baseless”.  Apple removed the app from stores due to the demands of the companies who filed the lawsuit.

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