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June 20, 2012

Charter Schools Dismal Numbers

Charter schools are admitting fewer students than public schools. Reasoning behind this is unclear. These findings come from a Government Accountability Office report (GAO). 

This report looked at statistics from the Department of Education from two years ago.  8% of students with physical/mental challenges were admitted to public schools while 11% were admitted to private schools.  Representatives of the GAO state many discrepancies contributing to the numbers, but one reason could be support systems of students prohibiting them to be admitted.

Other contributing factors include area school districts and some private schools may not be able to properly accommodate students.  GAO representatives also went to 13 states and found that not having proper resources can also be a challenge.  These numbers come regardless of the fact that the states were advertising programs people with physical/mental challenges. 

 “The charter school movement across the country is breaking down old stereotypes about which students can and can’t learn — whether poor, minority or a student with a disability,” said Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., the top Democrat on the House Education and Workforce Committee. “As we move forward with education reform, we need to ensure that students with disabilities are a part of the educational revolution that is taking place within charter schools.”

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