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June 22, 2012

Push for Stronger Housing Requirements

States are showing activism for people with physical/mental challenges as more community-living space is needed cross -country. Under a court decision, people with physical/mental challenges have the right to reside in the community.  Representatives for the government state that Medicaid and state teams are joining forces to ensure choices are properly arranged.

 “As states continue to implement the Olmstead decision and reform and rebalance their long-term care systems, establishing and maintaining relationships with the housing community and leveraging the many housing opportunities available through HUD and state housing finance agencies will be critical to states’ success,” wrote Cindy Mann, who oversees Medicaid at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

This quote was given in a newsletter sent to states with housing topics and resources available to cooperate with housing organizations for people with physical/mental challenges.  These remarks also come after a new grant proposal was stated to assist people with low-incomes.  This proposal was initiated so that this population endures a bright future.      

This teamwork effort was put into place for the first time.  Future housing funds will also have comparable ideas.  These statements also come courtesy of Mann.

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