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June 15, 2012

Support Systems Want Answers

Ten support systems discovered in 2011 that they would receive service dogs sponsored by the Pepsi Refresh Project.  Presently, many feel cheated.  These animals were allegedly supposed to be given out by the Animals for Autism Project based in Illinois.  (IL).

Currently, the support systems haven’t received their dogs.  Support systems were told they would have the dogs by spring 2012.  The Pepsi Project Agency awarded a grant for $50,000 to train and place ten dogs.

  I traded an email with Global Giving in the first week of March asking them to ask Lea Kaydus a few questions," Bob Schatzman wrote in an email. "I got a vague reply thanking me for being patient and that they would be in touch the following week with a rough timeline. That was 3-9-12. Nothing since. ... My gut tells me that even if by some miracle we received a dog, the quality of animal and training would be very suspect. Also the breed is far from ideal for this purpose."

Support systems are frustrated with the topic.  They are wondering if the dogs ever subsisted.  The IL Attorney‘s General Office is currently looking into the matter.

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