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June 5, 2012

Job Ratio Still Slow

It’s been two years since the Obama administration stated that they wanted to make the federal government an example for people with challenges.  A new study documents they aren’t making enough progress.  President Barack Obama made legal an executive order trying to employ 100,000+ workers with physical/mental challenges over five years.

Sadly, the report found that just 20,000 workers with physical/mental challenges have been employed.  This report is according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).  One key reason for the slow movement could be that many federal representatives have unsatisfactory agendas to speed up the hiring process for this type of population.
“Nearly two years after the executive order was signed, the federal government is not on track to achieve the executive order’s goals,” investigators wrote.

GAO also stated that more training is necessary for government representatives so that they know how to employ and help people with physical/mental challenges.  Furthermore, more stats could also be acquired to heighten job achievement.  Government representatives count on workers with physical/mental challenges to accurately report themselves, so they are worried that the numbers may be miscalculated due to false reporting.

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