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April 10, 2012

Financing Going to Sheltered Workshops

The National Disability Rights Network documented in a recent report how income is being spent to assist people with physical/mental challenges looking for jobs.  Results concluded that money was going toward sheltered workshops.  Activists tend to lean toward a community centered work approach.
In Ohio, $5 million was spent on people with physical/mental challenges working in the community.  This is compared to $175 million for sheltered workshops.  400,000+ Americans with physical/mental challenges are employed by the workshops.

Activists state that sheltered workshops provide lower than minimum earnings for their workers.  This is the second report the National Disability Rights Network has completed on the subject in a year or less.  Members of the organization advocate for community employment.

The National Disability Rights Network does admit that community employment can be difficult and confusing, however.  Supporters of sheltered workshops state that people with physical/mental challenges can earn income due to the workshops.  They can also build social relationships according to supporters.

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