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April 13, 2012

Reps Shy Away From Funding Rules

 Department of Education representatives are changing their minds on how to reduce the income of modified education.  Currently, the law stipulates that school districts must meet the guidelines of "maintenance of effort".  Representatives of the Department of Education wanted to keep following the guidelines to receive income after they received the income for one year.

However, now Department of Education representatives realize they may have been too harsh.  Melody Musgrove, Director of Special Education Programs for the Education Department wrote a letter to the Center for Law and Education.  She explains the reason behind her decision.

“After further review, we have determined that the level of effort that (a school district) must meet in the year after it fails to maintain effort is the level of effort that it should have met in the prior year,” wrote Musgrove and Alexa Posny, assistant secretary for special education and rehabilitative services.
Activists are relieved by this decision.  Organizations have stated they are “overjoyed” and “very pleased" by the outcome.  Department of Education representatives stated they may seek public comments on this matter.

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