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April 20, 2012

New Info on Fragile X Condition

In a new report done by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it was discovered that the symptoms of the Fragile X condition could be reversible.  Fragile X is the most common predictor of genetic mental challenge.  This information will be documented in the journal Neuron.

Researchers allowed mice to sample a drug connected to Fragile X.  Results indicated that the mice displayed increase in learning and behavior techniques.  Mice were not as distracted by sound as well.

“The most important implications of our study are that many aspects of (fragile X) are not caused by an irreversible disruption of brain development,” said Mark Bear of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who worked on the study.

Researchers state the results of the drug on the mice are promising.  There are no quick plans to humanly test the drug.  Researchers do state however, that many human trials address the same area of the brain the drug was targeted in the mice, and may be able to produce compatible results.

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