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April 17, 2012

Steps to End Unemployment Rate

Jobless rates for people with physical/mental challenges continue to be high.  However, one survey is attempting to push the numbers in a positive direction.  Cornell University played a role in conducting this study.
Results of the survey showed that 57% of managers said they have partnerships with companies that hire people with physical/mental challenges.  People who backed this survey also said having a management team that hired this population made an impact.  This survey had participants of 662 human resource staff members.

Results also indicated two-thirds of participants include people with physical/mental challenges in their diversity programs.  They also teach staff members how to manage interviews on people with a variety of challenges.
This information tends to show that companies are leaning towards hiring this population.

Despite the good news by this survey, as mentioned earlier, unemployment rates for the physically/mentally challenged continue to be high.  In March, 15.2% of the population is jobless.  This is compared to 8.2% of the able-bodied population.

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