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April 19, 2012

Student Limited Athletics Because of Age

Eric Dompierre may not get to play basketball next season in his home state of Michigan because of his age.  Dompierre has a mental challenge and was held back in school.  The Michigan High School Basketball Association doesn’t allow anyone to play basketball if a person turns 19 after September, and Dompierre turned 19 in January.

“That’s one of the bigger things that I’m afraid he’s going to lose if he can’t be part of a team next year,” Dean Dompierre said, adding, “Just the fact that he’s not there doing what they’re doing is going to lose him some of that social interaction and social life.”

Dean also made an online petition.  He posted it on the high school’s website.  It was signed by 70,000+ people in a week.

Dean states he envisions Eric as a four-year player.  He also states Eric is constantly wondering about his status next year.  A decision won’t be made until May.

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