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April 6, 2012

Stopping the Killing by Support Systems

One autism activist group is shocked and saddened that support systems actually kill their children who are physically/mentally challenged in extreme cases.  Meanwhile, little is discussed about the child.  As a result, this activist group held a day of remembrance for all the children who have passed.

“I’ve seen articles explicitly ask the reader to ‘put themselves in the shoes’ of the non-disabled murderer, but I’ve never seen an article ask readers to imagine what it’s like to be a disabled person murdered by someone you love and trust, like your parent,” said Zoe Gross, a member of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, who is behind the effort, which is also being backed by the National Council of Independent Living and the Autism Society, among other groups.

Group members held a remembrance service earlier this week.  These services occurred in twelve cities cross country.  Participants read names of the children who have passed and also made the audience aware of how these children are viewed by media and the public.

Gross initiated this idea when she learned that a mom killed her son who had a mental challenge.  After killing her son, she committed suicide.  The alleged reason she killed her son was because the personal assistance responsibilities were too great.

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