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April 27, 2012

Housing Focuses on Physical Accessibility

Most housing is inaccessible for people with physical challenges which are something a campaign called “Visitability” is looking to end.   This campaign’s central focus is making all housing accessible.  It also hopes to increase public perception regarding housing.

“In the long run, these standards would not only guarantee more housing options for people with disabilities, but also assist individuals who acquire disabilities later in life to remain in their homes and age in place,” Kat Taylor, Disability Rights Manager at the Equal Rights Center, stated.

Visitability homes in their simplest designs would accommodate three points.  They would have one entrance without any steps and a bathroom on the main floor for wheelchair access.  Width of doors would be 32 inches or wider.

Supporters of the Visitability campaign state that accessibility designs should be incorporated into all new homes.  They maintain its more cost effective to make accommodations when the home is new rather than older.  Supporters also state changes to housing are needed because it’s projected that one in three supports systems will have a person with a physical/mental challenge living in their home by 2050.


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