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April 5, 2012

Walker Shunned for Girl

LaKay Roberts is a young girl that uses a walker for school.  School district representatives stated that she could no longer use it and had to use a wheelchair.  Kristi Roberts, LaKay’s mom, opposes this idea.

School district representatives state they became worried after LaKay fell in the parking lot after school.  School representatives also want her to remain safe and think the wheelchair is a safer alternative.  Kristi states that this would be taking a step backwards as far as LaKay’s mobility progression.

“If she can walk now, please let her walk,” Roberts told NBC News. “Don’t strap her in a wheelchair. We’ve worked so hard. She has worked so hard.”
Kristi is doing whatever she can to reverse the school district’s thinking.  She posted a video on Youtube that features her talking to school district representatives about this topic to raise public awareness.  The video has received 40,000+ views.

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