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November 14, 2011

Autism vs. Asperger's Syndrome

In a new study, it was discovered that a determination of autism or Aspberger’s syndrome could rely on the doctor rather than actual symptoms.  The report found many differences on kids researched cross country even when they had similar characteristics of the two conditions.  This report appeared in the Archives of General Psychiatry online.

Researchers examined 2,100+ kids.  They were between the ages of four and eighteen.  They were given a diagnosis previously by doctors of autism.

Geographical location may also play a role in determining Asperger’s or autism.  In one area, autism was found in over 40% of kids.  Meanwhile, Asperger’s ranged between zero and 21%.
According to the study authors, “ In some regions, children with diagnoses of autistic disorder receive different services than do children with other ASD diagnoses; elsewhere, autistic disorder diagnoses may be avoided as more stigmatizing than diagnoses of PDD-NOS or Asperger syndrome.”

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