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November 2, 2011

Teacher Teases Students on Facebook

Jeremy Hollinger allegedly made fun of one of his students with mental challenges on Facebook.  Hollinger also targeted other students for their incontinence problems and eating crayons.  His Facebook also is derogatory toward the school system.

Celeste Dennis is a mother whose son was initially the focus of the Hollinger teasing.  Dennis said her son wears a helmet for a seizure condition.  Hollinger posted a picture of himself on Facebook wearing the helmet and smiling.

Dennis remarked, "My son wears a helmet for seizures during P.E. He had a picture of himself with my son's helmet on making fun of him like that was some type of a joke."

Dennis chose to move her son out of that elementary school in Alabama.  School officials put Hollinger on administrative leave.  The school system can’t make any statements because of the personal nature of the topic.

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