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November 17, 2011

Technology Used for Accessible Parking

Volunteers and technology are being used in one area to enforce accessible parking.  The volunteers will have smartphones to help them with this process.  They will patrol the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma looking for vehicles parked illegally.

When the volunteers find an illegally parked vehicle, they will take a picture of the license plates.  They will then submit the photo to Tulsa police.  If an officer is close to the location, he will issue a ticket to the owner of the vehicle.
I think if volunteers start laying their hands on cars and putting something on windshields, we might have some problems,” attorney John Eagleton said. “If a snapshot from a smart phone results in a prosecutable case, I think it's doable."

Another attorney stated that he thought any problems regarding the technology could be fixed with trial and error.  The program was created to allow easier access to accessible parking for people with physical/mental challenges.  Other cities such as Denver and Dallas have tried similar programs.

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