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November 15, 2011

Drug for Down's Syndrome

Albert Costa is looking to treat Down syndrome with medication.  He received the idea when his daughter was born with the condition.  He is using his knowledge as a neuroscientist to help make the drug more effective.

Costa named the drug memantine which he gave to 40 adults with Down’s Syndrome.  He states the drug could make a person’s memory better.  It could also make them smarter.  Some support systems are pleased with the drug.

However, Costa does have his critics.  Other support systems say that memantine could change a person with Down’s syndrome personality.  It was found in a Canadian report that 27% percent of support systems wouldn’t accept medicine for Down’s syndrome if given the choice.

“From that day, we bonded immediately,” Costa stated. “All I could think is, She’s my baby, she’s a lovely girl and what can I do to help her? Obviously I was a physician and a neuroscientist who studies the brain. Here was this new life in front of me and holding my finger and looking straight in my eyes. How could I not think in terms of helping that kid?”

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