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November 29, 2011

Movie is “Sensory-Friendly”

AMC Theatres is looking to make “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” sensory-friendly for teens and adults with autism.  In the past, these movies have been showcased for kids with autism.  However, if the “Twilight” movie is a hit with sensory-friendly audiences, more of these types of movies will be made in the teen and adult category.

Some of the sensory-friendly accommodations include the sound being low.  The lights will remain on and the audience can move and cause interruptions.  They can bring their own food into the theatre and the movie won’t have previews.

“Until now, we’ve primarily run movies geared toward children. However, we recognize there is demand for a more mature audience, who will still benefit from our sensory-friendly films environment,” said Gerry Lopez, president and CEO of AMC. 

Sensory-friendly viewings of “Twilight” will take place in ten cities cross country November 30.  Some of these cities include: Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.  There are no additional fees and prices won’t be raised for seeing a sensory-friendly movie.

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