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November 30, 2011

One in Twenty Kids Have Challenge

Approximately 5% of children have a physical/mental challenge.  The number is taken from the US Census.  Its primary author was Matthew Brault.

Brault discovered that 2.8 million children have mental, physical, walking, and self-sufficient challenges last year.  This is the most current year data was made public.  It was also documented that children were most at risk for mental challenges which were found in over half the children in some areas.

People with physical/mental challenges attend private schools more often than their able-bodied classmates.  Stats changed based on location.  Some areas had children attending private schools at 77% while in other areas it was 100%.

The numbers offered a detailed perspective of children with physical/mental challenges cross country ages 5-17. The children resided in community living.  This year marks the first year government members examined the census.

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