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November 3, 2011

College Guide Assists Students

College can be difficult for anyone.   A student attending college with a mental challenge such as autism may experience more difficultly. The “Navigating College Handbook” aims to assist with that transition. 

The handbook offers first-person experiences of college life through the condition as well as honest discussion.  It explores subjects from classroom adaptations to roommate dilemmas.  The handbook also explores adjustments the student will incur in their social lives and classroom.
“Navigating College Life” was created by the Autism Self Advocacy Network.   It is said to be the first handbook that focuses on people who have autism rather than support systems helping the person with autism transition to college.  Its length is 100 pages long.

The handbook is obtainable in two ways.  A person can download it at no cost.  There are also hard copies to be purchased at a cost.

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