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November 4, 2011

The Meaning of No Judgment Day

Let me be the first to wish everyone a Happy No Judgment Day.  What does this day mean?  It’s a simple move to begin to erase stereotypes of people with physically/mentally challenged by a devout activist group.

In 2001, Mike Wambach went to a school district office to inquire about becoming a substitute teacher.  It was there he met Mike Berkson a young student who has cerebral palsy.  The pair became fast friends and created a stage show about their friendship called “Handicap This.”

The goal of “Handicap This” is to increase knowledge about people who at birth were affected by serious physical/mental challenges.  The men want to encourage all people to chase their goals and dreams.  They are performing a special show tonight to heighten their mission with their slogan “No Judgment Allowed” in honor of today. 

Apparently, Wambach and Berkson’s message is well -received.  As one student who saw the show states, "We loved it, it was funny, entertaining, emotional, informational, and unique, and something everyone should see."

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