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November 9, 2011

Judge Beat Daughter on Video

Hillary Adams father, William Adams, forcefully beat his daughter and the video was broadcasted on Youtube. Hillary, who has cerebral palsy, waited seven years to broadcast the video because she was scared for her family’s well-being.  The video received 1.6 million views.

Activists and support systems of the physically/mentally challenged community are deeply disturbed by this video.  They have posted criticisms on Facebook.  They have also contacted local representatives of government demanding something be done.  William stated that "more will come out during the investigation and it’s “not as bad on tape.”

William is a local County Court Judge in Texas.  He is involved in many cases involving young children.  He abused his daughter using a belt for illegally downloading music and claims he was just reprimanding her. William is currently being questioned.  Meanwhile, Hillary confirms this abuse lasted a while.

“My father's harassment was getting really bad, so I decided to finally publish the video that I had been sitting on for 7 years," Adams said.  “It had happened before and had been escalating.” I set up a camera, and I caught it."

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