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January 3, 2012

Alarming Challenge Figures for Americans

Approximately 54 million Americans have a physical/mental challenge.  This equates to 19% of the population who don’t live in mental facilities.  Some barriers for this population: public transport, employment, and education.

There has been good news for the public transport industry in recent years.  98% of buses had wheelchair lifts in 2007.  This represents an increase from 62% in 1995.

The job market has been a more difficult hurdle for the physically/mentally challenged community to overcome.  14.5% of this population hasn’t been working.  This number is even lower for people who use wheelchairs and walkers as mobility devices to less than 20%.

Education also has low figures regarding people who are physically/mentally challenged.  28% of people who are 25 years or older didn’t graduate from high school. 13% of this same population has a bachelor’s degree or greater form of continuing education.

Mixed numbers:  http://www.disabled-world.com/disability/statistics/american-disability.php

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